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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 25- VG Rhapsody Episode 3

VG Rhapsody Episode 3

Hey everybody!! Not much new this week, music from Sonic and its all great!! If you guys have any requests that you're not seeing in the polls let me know. My E-Mail is: kris.beck10@yahoo.com, make sure to put VG Rhapsody in the subject bar and I'll be sure to reply. Hope yous guys are enjoying the show as much as I do!!

Green Hill Zone Remix

Star Light Party

Sonic Casino Nights Re-Mix

[SD] Chemical Plant

S&K Mushroom Hill Zone Remix

Marbled Beaches

Ice Cap Style

Sonic 3 Final Boss Theme

Ocean Conflict

Hydrocity Zone Act 2 Remix

Eggmans Theme DR Remix

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