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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 27- Episode 3: castle Crashers

Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers!
hey everyone I know its been too long since I have said anything but I have been a little busy this past week, and the week before Spinxpress wasn't working for me so I have been Playing this game called Castle Crashers! its an awesome game, its on the Xbox 360 marketplace, and I Recommend downloading it if you have not already. Starting from the menu screen I will be playing the music from the beginning to end. this show is going to be a little longer than what your used to, and thus it took me much longer to make it than usual. And to lord Fenix, I appologise for stealing your thunder, its just a fantastic game!

1)Four brave Champions - 90433
2)Castle crashers Barracks - 171377
3)Factory - 64061
4)Jumper - 186734
5)Space pirates - 57239

Now if I remember correctly, that was the music from the home castle all the way to the Forest. Now we move on from the abandoned mill chase all the way to the Cyclops stronghold

6)Techock - 36657
7)Rage of the Champions - 90532
8)Landfall - 123607
9)Dark Skies - 70107
10)Vain Star - 112527

And now, The battle on the open seas (the level with the ninjas), Snow world, the desert, and the necromancer battle.

11)Chaoz Japan - 37040
12)Winterbliss - 117474
13)Don't - 105334
14)simple Sight - 120136

Finally we have the shop music, the VS. battle songs and more Boss battle Music

15)Spanish Waltz - 86480
16)Helix-Archetype - 21749
17)Second thoughts - 90521

I couldn't leave you today with out giving you the kick in the teeth that I received when I first beat the game. Remember to visit our website at newgroundsradio.com and if there is something that you really want to hear please let us know and we will play it for you. Alright you have been playing Castle Crashers with Dronigan.

18)Tricky's Song - 171378

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