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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 28

Episode 23

Well guys, i KNOW it's been a while, but once again, i have a LOT of good reasons. This will be a big update, so here we go..

*I went to the St. Louis Ballon races this weekend, and it was pretty good weather. NOt a comepletely clear day, but the clouds made for some interesting pictures. Just in case you don't know what a ballon race IS. A "lead" ballon launches, and drops a sandbag. All the other ballons need to try to drop thier bag as close as they can to the Lead Ballon's bag.

*My Car broke down, TWICE. First, the engine sputtered and died at the parking lot at my school. Had to walk a mile to a gas station. I come back, and i fill it with a gallon. Go to my car, start it up, and i go to the station. Fill it up and it dies AGAIN. We find up the fuel pump (Pumps gas from tank to engine) had gone bad, so we spend all day fixing it. Try it next week, and it dies AGIAN. We have to spend all day again.. Hopefully it's fixed now..

My friend, Bryan (DJ Diamond) may be doing a new show, as ContentLost AND LordFenix seem to have given up, since i have not seen them for a few weeks. He says it will be prodominantly dance, and i might be able to co-host with him, if i ever get around to his house to let him borrow my other mic..

*Well,i broke up with my girlfriend from the previous episode. We had a bad case of what you call "Platonic Love". It bascially means that you're really good friends, bu there is no romantic/ sexual drive between you. I've been in many relationships like this in the past, and it's a never-ending circle that leads nowhere. I decided to break it off, so i'm now looking again. A few people have caught my eye, but i'm being a tad selective this time around.

*Also, i COMMAND you to go to a place where you can properly dance for the last 3 songs. "The Freeze" is SOOO MUCH better if you're dancing to it..

Yesterday (ftr Kyle Blackwood)

Walk Alone -=Remix=-

[DjBjra] - Game On Remix

Electric Pulse [PDM]

ParagonX9 - Infiltration

ParagonX9 - Polar 240

[DjBjra] - The Freeze

Don't Stop The Party!

Universe City

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