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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 16- Ambient Music

Episode 16

Hey guys, it's me again...

Not much new to report, except that this week is just going to be Ambient Music. Please remember to vote again, as they have been reset for the next theme episode

Also, i've played through about half of GTA IV, and i have to say that it's fairly solid. Three Leaf Clover has to be my favorite mission. I seriously had flashbacks of Gears of War when i was playing it. I REALLY like the idea of a cover mechanic, but i don't like how you die so easily if you DO decide to go kamikazie.

Anyway, i'd also like to welcome 2 new people who may be helping us out,Tatsu-Takahashi, and Stolkmen5000. Also like to welcome back Ch1ll, who has recently been helping me a little. LakeWonder Also refered the 2 new people, and is unfortudently banned for right now (Don't ask me how long..)

I may seriously have to work on a keeping up with the people who are contributing to NG Radio. As a matter of fact, i may have to end up making a list somewhere.

.:=Phoenix Chronicles - Ep4=:.

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SR- Maggot (Phlexe Mix)

In the Void

Heaven’s Fury

Gentle Evening Waves

Frightening (X-is-Trance)

Shining Memories

Catch the Sun in a Bottle

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