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*ANYONE involved in the audio comunity to interview (All shapes and sizes, from listeners to Artists)
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 12- Industrial

Episode 12

Sorry guys, but i wasn't able to get in contact with Jurian, so i won't have an interview this week. If anyone is interested in doing interviews for the 14th episode, i would be fairly grateful.

Next up, Luis Contacted me about redesigning the site. He was the genius graphic artist behind "Pico Blast", and he said he was thinking about working on the site redesign. I think this could only mean good things..

Also, if you look on the left here, there's a new poll. ALL of these themes will be used in the future (unless i get NO votes in a catergory.) How it's going to work is that the highest one of each week will be used. When a catergory is "used" it will be taken off, so as not to repeat it. This will keep going untill we have none left.

Anyway, song list time..



Chaos Overkill


Kicking extra Ass


Unless You're Free...


Simple Sight New Vocals


Power Sample


It Hurts to Dream


Effects of Infection


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