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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 17

Episode 17

Well, i have a lot to mention this week, so you guys may actually want to pay attention for a little bit.

First off, i'm holding tryouts for a new DJ for NG Radio. Yes, that's right, we need another DJ. I'm going to try doubling the ammount of DJ's on the show, while cutting the frequency of shows of each DJ in half. That means more variety, but less work for each one...

If you're looking for the requirements for auditions, please visit our BBS thread..

Also, i have something to ask of the audience. If you know where i could find some video previews of fireworks, that would be awsome. I'd really like to preview fireworks before i buy them. I kinda hate the idea of shelling down like 70 bucks for a firework when i have no idea what it does.

Also, i have a few little videos to show people out there... Not related to anything, but still funny...

TF2 Something Completely Different (yes spoofing Monty Python)

TF2- Meet the Red Team

Meet the Kick-Ass Scout (If you watch no others,YOU MUST WATCH THIS ONE. I love the first two songs, and i want to find the first one...)


Song List

Yellowknife- DJ Yotham

Newgrounds Spectrum

Rose At Nightfall

From Tetris With Love

Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Dance The Night Away

Dance O Tron

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