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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 15

Episode 15

Well, it's been a little crazy this week, and i've been lazy. Hence, this episode was made LATE saturday night, so it's pretty damn up to date...

I went tubing on my cousin's boat today, which was rather fun because it kept running out of air.

Also, i've started playing Assasin's Creed, which has a REALLY good story, but the gameplay is a bit repetative. It's still pretty fun, but after you do 7/9 assasinations, stabing people in the stomach, and the sword fighting gets a little stale. Still, it's a MUST play, even if you don't do it all the way through. If you do, i think the story is worth it (I can't rightly say, i haven't beat it.)

Anyway, back to business, this week has some pretty good quality songs. I think i found a few jems in the rough this week, so enjoy.

Bukkake Udon Song

Mountain Of Waiting Warrior

Star Wars Remix

Reasoner-Where Do We turn

Tutatta Techno Remix

Stadium Rave

Caremel Dansen Remix Duex

I Wanna Rock- dinorenouf

Jazza- The Happiest in the World

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