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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 23- VG Raphsody Episode 2

VG Raphsody Episode 2

Hey guys!! I know its been a while but I was away having technical problems... All that aside I'm happy to announce that my second show is here!! Nothing much to update, this episode is all Halo music as voted on by you the listeners. I posted the poll for next weeks episode which will be on time now that I have everything situated. Hope yous guys enjoy the show!!

Halo Theme 3 Pianos

Halo Spongey Remix

Halo 1 Kick*** Dark Theme

Halo Ultimate Reborn

Master Chief's Seizure

Halo 3 Never Forget Remix

Unforgotten Hero

Black Halo


Dronigan said...

Fenix...I was disgusted with you...I took the liberty of fixing your post. The show works now

Anonymous said...

now now, no need to be so mean. Although he DOES need to post on time...

Dronigan said...

I apologize...I was having a bad day and was in a bad mood

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