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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 22- Newgrounds Beat! Drum and Bass

Episode 2

Hey everybody and welcome to the Newgrounds beat! As you can tell I have an intro song now and its put together a little bit better

Today's show is going to be all about drum and bass. But first I wanted to thank Content lost for the help hunting for the last three songs…so thank you very much! And on a bit of a side note, Dj orange may be running a little behind this week cause his computer went caplooie so I thought that I should you know before we have a stream of complaints or somthing...he should be back eventually... email at Droniganhale@aim.com the Address is on the cite if you don’t know how to spell it.

1) What We Are (ID: 138205) - Decepticon420

2) -Dark Dreams- (ID: 79250) - Waterflame

3) Megaman2-wilys castle remix (ID: 43356) - dj_rec0il

4) PandoraTranquil - Transcape (ID: 89533) - Pandora-tranquil

5) Street Drift (ID: 109082) - Soothsage

6) These Mistakes Are Mine Alone (ID: 124778) - nubbinownz

7) Sonic Colours (ID: 137158) - trogdar

8) [ turn around ] (ID: 151351) - boney-man

9) Property of the city (ID: 156414) - SaintMalign

10) *Made Of Fire* (ID: 84494) - ZeRo-BaSs

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