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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Newgrounds Radio Episode 20- Newgrounds Beat: Episode 1

Hey everyone this is Dronigan and since this is my first episode, I’m going to play a couple of songs that I found and liked ever since I joined Newgrounds but first I just wanted to thank Contentlost and DJ Orange for giving me the chance to do this. Umm the first song is “Skymartial’s “back in the day”, and the number for that one is 138850 the next song is by Helix with “unless you’re free” and the number for that one is 97492 and after that is Switch with “Broked it”. #51265. All right, enjoy the tunes!

Alright once again that was Skymartial with “Back In the Day” # 138850, umm Helix with “Unless your Free” #97492 and Switch with “Broked it” #51265

The next two songs are kind of rock oriented. The first one is by Ravicious with “Run and Gun”, number 19164 and after that is Evil Dog with, “Switch VS Evil Dog” number 26207. All right enjoy

And again those songs were Ravicious with “Run and Gun”, number 19164 and after that was Evil Dog with, “Switch VS Evil Dog” number 26207. Ok guys as we near the end here I have three more songs that I’m going to play back to back and they are all by the same guy. Thebellmaker so listen well. They are kind of long-ish but they end so well. The numbers in order are 147826, 147827, and 147997. And away we go!

That was Thebellmaker His songs are actually pretty good, and when I am listening to them I feel as if they would make excellent flash movies. But yea…let me know how I did and what I can do to improve my show. If you are a Newgrounds member, send me a Private Message. This is Dronigan saying I’ll see you later.

1)Back In the day

2)Unless your free

3)Broked it

4)Run and Gun

5)Switch Vs Evil dog


6)Pt 1

7)Pt 2

8)Pt 3

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