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Currently we need:
*ANYONE involved in the audio comunity to interview (All shapes and sizes, from listeners to Artists)
*Someone knowledgeable with HTML/CSS
*Someone adapt at flash (would like to streamline the site a bit more)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

News- Newgrounds Radio LIVE!!

To all who may be wondering, whats going on and what ever...we may have actually stopped producing shows unfortunately. BUT THERE IS A POSITIVE!!! I have come across this wonderful thing. I will have more details on it at a later time but right now, what I know for sure is that we will actually be able to have a live, thats right LIVE show! you can call in, request songs, or just shoot the breeze with us! I am unsure of the absolute date on the show, but it WILL come. also in other news, I Dronigan am Offically changing my title to DJ Sierra. so for the few followers that we have, thank you so SO much for sticking with us for this long and hanging with us as we get through this depression. as I learn more, I will post more information, such as a date and a number you can call.

once again thanks for staying with us and giving us your support!

Dj Sierra

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